hey! I'm aliza...

Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by! I’m an elopement and wedding photographer based in Montreal, Canada. I absolutely love the outdoors and I’m always up for an adventure! I’m obsessed with hiking, could eat sushi for every meal and can’t live without coffee. Throughout my time in university, I built my wedding photography business and when I graduated this past year, I went all in. I’m very easy-going, flexible and extremely detail-oriented. I will be there to guide you every step of the way to assure that you have a stress-free and memorable wedding experience!

Ever since I can remember, I’ve been passionate about photography. I got my first point and shoot camera when I was six years old and have been hooked ever since. Wedding photography is so much more to me than just a business. It’s about capturing the in-between moments, the candid laughter, and the raw emotions. It’s about getting to know you and capturing your love in a way that perfectly encapsulates your relationship. Being able to document and freeze your special moments in time through photography is something I value deeply. My passion for photography is only surpassed by my love for getting the opportunity to know you and your story.

Travelling internationnaly

This year, I spent 5 months travelling internationally, from Canada to the US, all the way to Europe and Asia. After spending one month in Thailand and then another in Vietnam, I made my way to Japan. Travelling has been incredibly life-changing and so eye-opening. For me, the best part of solo travel is forming connections with locals and getting the opportunity to connect with people on a deeper level. I have taken so many film and digital photos of the people I have met along my journey and I find that whether or not we can speak the same language, we can still connect and share such special moments, which shines through in the photos. Being able to capture children playing in the street, new moms with their baby, and elders of a community, warms my heart.

Some of the things I love