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Ever since I was a child, I loved capturing little moments between friends and family, carefully observing my surroundings in order to best represent what I saw around me. This passion, kindled in my childhood, has blossomed into an art form that resonates with authenticity and artistry. My childhood passion has been transformed into a mission to provide a high-end wedding photography experience from beginning to end, ensuring that your special moments are preserved for years to come.

What truly sets me apart is my intentionality. Every shot I take, every angle I choose, is purposeful. This is more than a job; it's a passion that drives me to meticulously plan and thoughtfully execute every aspect of your photography experience. I understand that your wedding day isn't just an event; it's a culmination of your love story, and it deserves to be documented with the utmost care.

When it comes to your wedding day, I don't just aim to be a photographer; I strive to be your storyteller. My goal is to understand the intricacies of your love story and translate them into visual poetry. My commitment lies  within creating a seamless experience for you, form start to finish. From the moment we connect, I'm invested in understanding your vision, your quirks, and your dreams. Your wedding day is a chapter that deserves to be narrated with the utmost care, and that's precisely what I bring to the table.


This year, I spent 7 months travelling internationally, from Canada to the US, all the way to Europe and Asia. After spending one month in Thailand and then another in Vietnam, I made my way to Japan. Travelling has been incredibly life-changing and so eye-opening. For me, the best part of solo travel is forming connections with locals and getting the opportunity to connect with people on a deeper level. I have taken so many film and digital photos of the people I have met along my journey and I find that whether or not we can speak the same language, we can still connect and share such special moments, which shines through in the photos. Being able to capture children playing in the street, new moms with their baby, and elders of a community, warms my heart.

My passion for filM

Growing up, my grandfather always had a camera in his hand, always ready to capture every moment- whether it was the "mundane" moments or a big family gathering. He had a dark room in his house and would spend hours developing his film. My interest for film grew, growing up watching my grandpa devote so much time and energy into processing each and every exposure. During my last year in university, I bought a manual film camera and started experimenting with this new (old haha) medium of photography and I absolutely fell. in. love. Ever since, I bring my film camera with me on all of my little camping trips, to parties and most importantly, to weddings!

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Moments in Vietnam captured on 35 mm film

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