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I always suggest a few things to consider when on the hunt for the perfect makeup artist for your wedding day. It may seem simple enough, however, there are many things that many brides do not think about before beginning the process of finding the perfect fit for them! As a trained professional and experienced MUA, I can offer insight that might be helpful. Now that you have begun the planning phase of your wedding festivities, why not begin to think about your skin, makeup style and overall look for the wedding in anticipation of the big day as well? Here are my top suggestions to make this important decision easier and painless!

1. Trust Your Gut

Just like you knew the groom was the one, you will get that same feeling when dealing with the right makeup artist. This relationship should feel natural and have a mutual understanding. I cannot stress the importance of communication when dealing with the person you have trusted to give you that jaw-dropping look. I always think that you should have open communication with this professional. They need to hear your wishes and respect your needs while also being able to offer their expertise as well.

2. Make sure the makeup artist uses sanitary measures when applying makeup

All too often the bride is so wrapped up in the process of the planning phase that it goes completely unnoticed when a MUA uses the same lip, mascara wands on the entire bridal party. Your health should be top of mind to you and your makeup artist! Don’t settle for less.

3. Always have a makeup trial/consultation before the wedding

This is like a dry run for what you and the makeup artist will be doing for your wedding day look. DO NOT SKIP THIS PART. This is the time to let the artist know what you like or dislike. It is the period where you and the artist map out a plan for your look. Keep in mind your makeup trial is not a free-for-all. Come prepared with as much information for the MUA as possible. So many brides make the mistake of going into a trial with a vague idea of the wedding day look. This can not only waste time but lead to miscommunication. Think about what terms mean to you. A smokey eye or natural look can mean different things to different people. Like most aspects of wedding planning, it is important to do your homework about your bridal look.

4. Bring Inspiration

Have photos of your favorite makeup looks you have had done before or photos of looks you like rather than relying on vague descriptions. This will save time and will help clear up your stance about what you like and dislike. Make yourself clear about your wishes.

5. Keep an open mind

Don't be afraid to stray from your plan. Not everyone can pull off a particular look without some consequences! So, you may need to adjust the plan. Allow your makeup artist the freedom to take you a little outside your comfort zone. However, still staying true to your natural beauty.

6. Carry a few products with you for touch-ups

After you have gotten your makeup done remember to take a few things with you in order to touch up the look. Keep your lipstick, lip liner, blush and a powder compact with you throughout the day.

7. Cheat Your Lashes

As a professional makeup artist, I cannot stress the importance of wearing and having the right type of false lashes applied to add to the final look of the day. A few individual lashes or a wispy full arch can accentuate the positive, making eyes look more pronounced and add that glam factor to your makeup look. Trust me when I say, your wedding photos will thank you.

8. Be mindful of trends

There's nothing wrong with wanting to add the latest trend to your look. However, looking trendy has a definite downside. These fad looks are often a sign of the times. You want to keep the look timeless and classic with a trendy twist because a completely all trendy look, will look dated fast! You never want to see your photos years later and regret that decision.

9. for those who hate wearing makeup Or love a super natural look

Don’t let anyone talk you into putting a lot of makeup on if you don’t want to. But if you want to add a little bit, make sure the skin is really even, the brows are groomed, eyelashes curled, and add a little color to the lips and cheeks. If you can make pull that together, everything else will be fine.

10. Lastly, make sure to put it in writing and sign a contract

This will ensure that everyone is clear about the guidelines. With a contract, both you and your makeup artist will have a solid written agreement that states many crucial pieces of information. For example, time, location and number of clients. It also sets clear boundaries. For example, when I send out a contract, all of the fees, cancellation policies and so forth are clearly written. You will feel all that more relaxed after a signed contract is in place.

Have fun ladies and remember, there is a perfect makeup artist for every bride! Go find your match and love the skin you’re in!

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