Aurelie and Shane's love story

Aurelie and Shane met Back in 2011, when they were both just 14 years old, in Mont Tremblant where they happened to be going to the same ski racing school! They've been inseparable ever since and truly are each other's best friends.

Their wedding was such a testament to how strong they both are individually and as a team! The bride and groom got ready with their wedding party in the morning, each at different chalets, nestled in the Tremblant mountains. I arrived in the morning and we started off the day with some detail photos of the rings, wedding bouquet, wedding invitations and beautiful bridal shoes (which I’m still not over!!). After that, I captured Aurélie and her bridesmaids getting ready which was so much fun! Aurélie had an idea where she wanted a Vogue/editorial style photos of her and her bridesmaids in the bathtub, drinking champagne and boy am I obsessed (all these photos are below in the blog)!! Next I captured the first look between the bride and her dad which was such a beautiful moment! Despite the forecast, we had a few moments of no rain and were able to have the first look between Aurélie and Shane outside, with the beautiful mountains as a backdrop! We also snuck in some family photos as well as wedding party photos outdoors!

The bridesmaids wore a mix of burnt orange and salmon pink satin dresses and jumpsuits while the maid of honour wore a beautiful champagne dress. The bouquets were breathtaking with such a beautiful variety of flowers- orange roses, cream tulips, pink chrysanthemums. These wedding bouquets added the perfect pop of colour to the wedding photos and overall decor!

Now this is the point where the wedding day took a *very* interesting turn of events. At this point, I headed to Le Pont Couvert, the venue where the ceremony and reception were going to be held. It is an absolutely beautiful and unique wedding venue, being a covered bridge over the Rivière-Rouge in La Conception, only a 10 minute drive from Mont Tremblant. From the get-go, the forecast called for nonstop rain on their perfectly planned wedding day. On my drive to Le Pont Couvert, the rain came crashing down and I saw trees blowing in the wind, like I’ve never seen before, with branches flying across the highway. Cars were stopped at the side of the road and it just felt like chaos. I managed to get to the venue safely, but when I arrived, it became apparent that 1) the entire city had lost electricity, including the wedding venue. And 2) the entire wedding party, including the bride and groom, had gotten stuck in their school bus, with *several* massive fallen trees blocking the road to the venue. As if this would stop them, Aurelie’s dad and a friend, sprung into action and ran back to their chalet, picked up a chainsaw and got to work, cutting 7 tree trunks so that their children can get to their wedding!

When the bride and groom finally arrived at Le Pont Couvert, the wedding day was back on and everyone was able to breathe a sigh of relief! Aurelie and Shane were such troopers and despite the chaotic "10 minute" drive to their wedding ceremony, they remained so strong and positive! Luckily, they had hired a violin trio to play at their ceremony and so despite having no electricity, there was such a beautiful and calm atmosphere during the ceremony. When the bride and groom walked down the aisle as a married couple, the guests through eucalyptus petals on them, which I thought was such a unique alternative to confetti! Following the ceremony, we captured a photo of the entire wedding group and then proceeded to take family photos, wedding party photos and lastly, some beautiful bride and groom portraits. The rain had stopped and the sun had come out, giving us a beautiful golden hour!

Robert Applyrs from Experience Applyrs was the animator/MC/day of coordinator and wow did he do a good job! Despite the stressful beginning to the wedding, he remained calm yet so pumped to get the night rolling! And this is why it is so important to hire the best wedding vendors out there- because wedding days can throw curve balls at you that you never in a million years would have dreamt of or planned for- but when you have the best Montreal wedding MC at your wedding, you know they've got you covered!

The dinner was delicious, thanks to sEB L'artisan Culinaire, and the speeches were genuinely some of the funniest and most-moving speeches I've heard at a wedding. The reception ended off with the bride and groom's first dance, lit up with candles and tens of iPhone flashlights (because still no electricity). And it was truly such a magical first dance, with the song Wild playing. After some fire dancing, it was time for the after party- which was held at the family chalet, which thankfully had a generator!!

Montreal DJ, DJ Kamistry was amazing and kept the party going all night long! The wedding cake was made by a local baker, organized by sEB L'artisan Culinaire and was phenomenal. We did a cake cutting and Aurelie and Shane had a mini cake fight was was so much fun to photograph!! Just before I headed out for the night, the shotski made an appearance and the wedding party took a quick break from the dance floor for some celebratory shots!

This Mont Tremblant wedding day was one for the books and I am so grateful that I got to capture it!! I had the opportunity to work with some of the best Montreal wedding vendors, all of whom will be linked at the bottom of this blog.

Thanks for taking the time to read this blog and look through the wedding photos!! Still looking for a wedding photographer in Montreal, Quebec, Ottawa, Ontario or elsewhere in Canada? Fill out the contact form here and I'll get back to you asap! To see my recent work and follow me on current wedding days, follow me on Instagram! :)



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bride and groom first look
wedding bridal party rainy day Mont Tremblant
bride holding umbrella rainy wedding day Montreal photographer
wedding ring bearer
wedding ceremony at le Pont couvert montreal photographer
wedding ring photo
Bride and groom wedding ceremony eucalyptus petal at Le Pont Couvert
emotional moment between bride and mother after ceremony mont tremblant
emotional moment between bride and mother after ceremony mont tremblant
Bride and groom romantic portrait during golden hour at le Pont couvert wedding venue
Bride and groom romantic portrait during golden hour at le Pont couvert wedding venue
Bride and groom romantic portrait during golden hour at le Pont couvert wedding venue
Bride and groom romantic portrait during golden hour
Wedding party photo at Mont Tremblant Le Pont Couvert Wedding venue
Cocktail hour at Mont Tremblant Le Pont Couvert Wedding venue
Dinner menu at Montreal wedding reception detail photos
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Best Montreal wedding caterer delicious food close up photo
Best Montreal wedding caterer delicious food
Best Montreal wedding caterer delicious food
Montreal DJ/MC/animator at wedding happy
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Montreal bride and groom wedding speech reception
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Montreal bride and groom first dance twinkle lights