Top luxury wedding venues Montreal

If you're diving into the exciting world of wedding planning in Montreal, I'm here to help you navigate the wide array of wedding venues. I'm a seasoned Montreal wedding photographer with a passion for capturing real moments specializing in luxury, editorial, and photojournalistic imagery. Let's look through some of the city's top wedding venues, each offering a unique setting for your special day.

In this blog, we'll look through Montreal's most sought-after wedding venues as follows: Château Vaudreuil, Le Belvédère Old Port Montreal, Théâtre St-James, Le Windsor Ballrooms, Forest and Stream Golf Club, Fairmont Montebello, Fairmont Tremblant, Manoir Hovey, Hotel Nelligan, Hotel William Gray, Le Mount Stephen, The Ritz-Carlton, Manoir Davis.

These venues are all truly special. From historic spots to picturesque landscapes, each one has its own charm. And that's where I come in. As your wedding photographer, I'm all about capturing those genuine, heartfelt moments that happen naturally amidst the beauty of these settings. Whether it's the cobblestone streets of Old Montreal or the peaceful countryside, each location is like a blank canvas waiting for YOUR love story to shine!

chateau vaudreuil

Nestled on the shores of Lake of Two Mountains, Château Vaudreuil exudes timeless luxury. Its stunning landscapes, opulent ballrooms, and luxurious accommodations create an enchanting backdrop for weddings. With an array of indoor and outdoor spaces, Château Vaudreuil offers a blend of sophisticated luxury and natural beauty.

forest and stream golf club

Nestled amidst lush greenery, Forest and Stream Golf Club provides a serene and idyllic setting for weddings. The natural beauty of the landscape, rolling greens, and tranquil water features create a picturesque backdrop for your celebration. This venue offers a perfect blend of nature's charm and refined elegance.


Le Windsor Ballrooms boasts a legacy of hosting exquisite events in the heart of Montreal. The blend of classic architecture with modern amenities sets the stage for a sophisticated wedding. The ornate ballrooms, high ceilings, and stunning chandeliers radiate elegance, offering couples an iconic Montreal experience with a touch of luxury.

Hotel William gray (vieux port)

Seamlessly blending contemporary design with historic architecture, Hotel William Gray offers a chic and stylish setting in Old Montreal. Its sleek interiors, rooftop spaces, and panoramic views create a cosmopolitan atmosphere, making it a sought-after venue for modern and trendy weddings with a touch of luxury.

Theatre St James

A grand masterpiece steeped in history, Théâtre St-James is a gem in the heart of Montreal. Its ornate architecture, adorned ceilings, and intricate details offer an extravagant atmosphere for lavish celebrations. From the opulent theater to the sumptuous ballroom, every corner exudes an air of grandeur and luxury.

le mount stephen (montreal)

A gem of refined luxury, Le Mount Stephen showcases historic elegance in the heart of Montreal. Its ornate interiors, opulent details, and distinctive spaces offer a setting of grandeur. With its historic charm and sophisticated ambiance, Le Mount Stephen provides a truly regal experience with a touch of luxury.

Fairmont Tremblant

Perched in the heart of Mont Tremblant village, Fairmont Tremblant offers mountain elegance and breathtaking views. Its alpine-inspired design, luxurious accommodations, and refined venues make it an ideal destination for couples seeking a mountain getaway wedding with a touch of luxury.

Fairmont Montebello

A true Canadian treasure, Fairmont Montebello is nestled on the banks of the Ottawa River. Its rustic charm, picturesque surroundings, and log cabin architecture create a romantic atmosphere. With a range of indoor and outdoor spaces, this resort offers a perfect blend of luxury and nature in a serene setting.

Hotel nelligan (vieux port)

Embracing the charm of Old Montreal, Hotel Nelligan exudes a blend of modern luxury and historic allure. Its cobblestone streets, rooftop terraces, and chic spaces offer couples a unique urban backdrop for their celebration. The hotel's fusion of elegance and charisma resonates throughout its spaces, providing a blend of luxury and modern style.

The Ritz-Carlton (montreal)

he epitome of sophistication and luxury, The Ritz-Carlton Montreal exudes timeless elegance. With its sumptuous ballrooms, upscale amenities, and impeccable service, it offers an opulent backdrop for weddings. The blend of classic and contemporary elements ensures an extraordinary experience with a touch of luxury.

Château Ste-Agnès

Transport your guests to an enchanting vineyard setting on your wedding day, with the timeless beauty of Château Ste-Agnès estate. Guaranteed to leave a lasting impression on your guests, and most importantly for you, with our romantic gardens, heart shaped ponds, terraced vineyards, a château and romanesque chapel. Feel transported to Europe just an hour and a half from Montreal.

Manoir hovey (hatley)

Overlooking Lake Massawippi, Manoir Hovey is a serene oasis with timeless beauty. This romantic estate boasts lush gardens, charming cottages, and exquisite dining experiences. The historic manor's allure lies in its intimate ambiance, making it a quintessential destination for elegant and intimate weddings with a touch of luxury.

Manoir Davis (st agathe)

Surrounded by lush gardens and offering panoramic views, Manoir Davis is an enchanting venue for romantic celebrations. Its refined architecture, outdoor ceremony spaces, and attentive service create an intimate and idyllic setting, allowing couples to exchange vows in nature's embrace with a touch of luxury.

The belvedere (OLd port)

Combining historic charm with modern elegance, Le Belvédère offers a captivating venue in the heart of Old Port Montreal. Its loft-like spaces boast exposed brick, high ceilings, and picturesque views of the city. This versatile venue provides an ambiance that effortlessly marries classic charm and contemporary elegance.