Top 7 wedding venues near montreal

As a wedding photographer, I understand the significance of choosing the perfect venue to create timeless memories for my couples on their special day. Quebec, with its picturesque landscapes and diverse architecture, offers an array of breathtaking wedding venues that exude charm and elegance. In this blog post, we will explore some of my favorite wedding venues, including La Bullerie, Le Pont Couvert, The Auberge Willow Inn Hudson, Le Convent Val Morin, and a few more that share their enchanting vibe. These venues near Montreal, in Quebec, and across Canada will surely leave couples and photographers awe-inspired.

1. La Bullerie - Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu:

Nestled in the heart of Quebec's wine region, La Bullerie is a hidden gem that epitomizes rustic charm. Surrounded by rolling vineyards, this elegant venue offers a beautiful outdoor ceremony space with panoramic views. The rustic barn reception hall with its warm wooden beams and vintage chandeliers provides the perfect backdrop for capturing magical moments. With its idyllic location near Montreal, La Bullerie is truly a photographer's dream come true.

drone photo of bride and groom walking through vineyards at wedding montreal la bullerie
bride and groom first dance on their wedding day, smiling, montreal wedding venue la bullerie

2. Le Pont Couvert - Mont-Tremblant:

Located in Mont-Tremblant, Le Pont Couvert is a historic covered bridge that adds a touch of romance and rustic allure to any wedding. As a photographer, you'll appreciate the bridge's unique architectural elements and its stunning surroundings. The natural beauty of the area provides an enchanting backdrop for couples to exchange vows and create stunning photographs.

Aurelie + Shane's full wedding blog can be found here to get an idea of how your wedding day will be captured by a wedding photographer at this venue!

bridesmaids walking with bride looking at each other and laughing, wearing dark reds, orange and pink dresses tremblant

3. The Auberge Willow Inn Hudson - Hudson:

Situated on the shores of Lake of Two Mountains, The Willow Inn Hudson is a charming and elegant wedding venue with a vintage-inspired ambiance. The beautifully landscaped gardens, the picturesque gazebo, and the stunning waterfront views make for unforgettable photo opportunities. The inn's classic interior spaces with their timeless charm provide a perfect setting for capturing intimate moments. Want to see more photos from AC + J's wedding that I photographer at the Willow Inn Hudson? Click here for their full wedding blog where you can see their getting ready photos, all the way to their beautiful reception!

groom saying emotional vows to bride, at wedding ceremony, with lake in background, auberge willow inn

4. Le Convent Val Morin - Val-Morin:

Formerly a convent dating back to the early 1900s, Le Convent Val Morin is a unique and historic venue that combines old-world charm with modern elegance. The stunning chapel, surrounded by lush greenery, offers a romantic atmosphere for ceremonies. The grand reception hall with its high ceilings and large windows provide ample natural light for capturing stunning images.

To get inspired about how your wedding day could look like at this amazing wedding venue in Quebec, check out this blog I made from a styled wedding at Le Couvent Val Morin!

bride and groom embrace on dock during peak fall colours in love near montreal wedding venue

5. The Forest and Stream Club - Dorval:

Located on the shores of Lake St. Louis, The Forest and Stream Club is a prestigious wedding venue that exudes timeless elegance. The venue's stunning waterfront views, lush gardens, and picturesque gazebo offer a scenic backdrop for couples' special moments. The club's elegant interiors and refined architecture provide an exquisite setting for capturing the joy and elegance of weddings.

le forest and stream wedding venue montreal bride dancing with guests surrounding her happy

6. Manoir Hovey - North Hatley:

Situated on the shores of Lake Massawippi, Manoir Hovey is a luxurious and romantic venue that showcases Quebec's natural beauty. The manor's lush gardens, charming gazebos, and elegant terrace offer endless opportunities for breathtaking photographs. The grand ballroom and intimate dining rooms provide a sophisticated backdrop for capturing the essence of a couple's love story.

7. The Fairmont Le Château Montebello:

Recognized as the world's largest log cabin, The Fairmont Le Château Montebello is a historic landmark nestled in the scenic Montebello village. This grand venue boasts a rustic yet luxurious ambiance, perfect for capturing the grandeur of a wedding celebration. The lush gardens, serene river views, and distinctive architecture create an enchanting atmosphere for creating lasting memories.

Quebec offers an abundance of stunning wedding venues that cater to the dreams of couples and photographers alike. From the rustic charm of La Bullerie and Le Pont Couvert in Mont-Tremblant to the elegance of The Auberge Willow Inn Hudson and Le Convent Val Morin, each venue presents a unique opportunity to capture timeless moments. Additionally, The Forest and Stream Club, Manoir Hovey, and The Fairmont Le Château Montebello showcase their own distinct charm. With their stunning backdrops and picturesque surroundings, these venues near Montreal, in Quebec, and across Canada offer the perfect settings to create enchanting wedding memories.