As a passionate wedding photographer serving the Montreal and Ottawa communities, I understand the importance of choosing the perfect venue for your special day. It sets the stage for cherished memories and provides a backdrop that reflects your unique love story. In my years of experience capturing beautiful moments, I have had the pleasure of working with couples in some of the top wedding venues near Ottawa. In this blog, I will share with you a selection of exceptional venues that truly stand out as the best choices for your rustic-style wedding. I'll discuss the Bleeks & Bergamot, Le Belvedere, Orchard View Wedding and Event Centre, Evermore Weddings and Events, Stonefields Heritage Farm, and Temple's Sugar Bush—each offering its own unique charm and beauty. I have photographed weddings at some of these venues, and others I am excited to photograph in the future!

Bleeks & Bergamot:

Nestled on the picturesque outskirts of Ottawa, Bleeks & Bergamot is an absolute gem among rustic wedding venues. As a wedding photographer, I can attest to the unique charm this venue offers. From the moment you step onto the property, you can feel the country air and the charming farm vibes this venue offers. The rolling landscapes, stunning riverside property, and the century-old dairy barn provide a delightful variety of backdrops for your photographs. Whether it's capturing your first-look, celebrating with your loved ones in the white stoned courtyard, or immortalizing your love story in the barn's elegant ambiance, every moment spent at Bleeks & Bergamot is an opportunity to create timeless images that you'll cherish forever.

Le Belvedere:

Le Belvedere is undoubtedly among the best wedding venues near Ottawa. With its idyllic setting in Wakefield, Quebec, Le Belvedere offers a captivating blend of natural beauty and refined elegance. The venue's stunning reception hall, surrounded by the beauty of the countryside, sets the stage for an unforgettable celebration. The sweeping views, vast landscapes, and the venue's commitment to providing an exclusive experience make it an exceptional choice for couples seeking a rustic-inspired wedding. Every frame captured at Le Belvedere exudes romance, sophistication, and the unique character of your love story.

Orchard View Wedding and Event Centre:

Located in Ottawa's countryside, Orchard View Wedding and Event Centre offers a rustic and elegant setting for your special day. The venue boasts beautiful orchards, gardens, and a renovated barn, providing both indoor and outdoor spaces to accommodate weddings of different sizes. The charming atmosphere and scenic surroundings make Orchard View a wonderful choice for couples looking for a rustic wedding venue. To explore more about Orchard View and its offerings, visit their website: Orchard View Wedding and Event Centre Website

Evermore Weddings and Events:

Situated in Almonte, just outside Ottawa, Evermore Weddings and Events is a stunning barn venue that combines rustic charm with modern amenities. The venue features picturesque outdoor ceremony sites and a beautifully restored barn for receptions. With its enchanting ambiance and attention to detail, Evermore provides a romantic and rustic setting that will make your wedding day truly memorable. To learn more about Evermore Weddings and Events, including availability and pricing, visit their website: Evermore Weddings and Events Website

Stonefields Heritage Farm:

Located in Beckwith, near Ottawa, Stonefields Heritage Farm is a 120-acre estate offering a rustic and romantic ambiance for weddings. The venue features rolling fields, a charming farmhouse, and a stunning barn, providing both indoor and outdoor spaces to create your dream rustic wedding. Stonefields Heritage Farm combines natural beauty with elegance, making it an exquisite choice for couples seeking a memorable wedding experience. To explore more about Stonefields Heritage Farm and its offerings, visit their website: Stonefields Heritage Farm Website

Temple's Sugar Bush:

Located in Lanark County, Temple's Sugar Bush is a maple syrup farm that offers a rustic venue for weddings. The venue boasts a timber-frame reception hall and picturesque outdoor spaces, including a charming chapel. Temple's Sugar Bush provides a unique blend of rustic charm and natural beauty, creating a memorable setting for your wedding day. To learn more about Temple's Sugar Bush and its offerings, visit their website: Temple's Sugar Bush Website

As a dedicated wedding photographer, I believe that the venue you choose plays a significant role in creating beautiful and timeless memories. The Ottawa region has a variety of exceptional rustic wedding venues, each offering its own unique charm and ambiance. Whether you're captivated by the intimate and picturesque setting of Bleeks & Bergamot or the breathtaking views and refined elegance of Le Belvedere, or any of the other remarkable venues such as Orchard View Wedding and Event Centre, Evermore Weddings and Events, Stonefields Heritage Farm, or Temple's Sugar Bush, you can be confident that your wedding day will be filled with cherished moments that I will have the privilege of capturing. I invite you to explore the websites of these venues to discover more about their offerings, availability, and pricing details. Let's embark on this journey together and create a beautiful collection of photographs that will tell your love story for generations to come.